Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Petal Girl Dress

My husband's brother got married in October to a fantastic gal, congrats guys! Miss H got to be their petal girl (translated: flower girl) at their beautiful wedding on the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. It was chilly and looked exactly the way fall ought to look. I had a few months to think about what style dress to make, and I wasn't happy with anything I was coming up with. I purchased some deep blue sort of stretchy lace at Fabric Depot in Portland on our drive back home in July, and I ended up with some buttery soft double gauze solids to pair with it.

I sketched out an Oliver + S Hide-and-Seek dress, but couldn't decide if it looked fancy enough. I spent hours trying to figure out how to make a dress with long sleeves look the way I wanted, and a friend suggested I look at the Violette Field Threads patterns. I ended up picking the Maisie Dress after she showed me some examples with fancy exposed zippers.

I ordered the zipper I wanted from Etsy, and went to work washing and cutting my fabric. Mid-sew we moved, and I worked hard to keep all the pieces, directions, and my sewing equipment together and clean. Our move was a week before we needed to leave for the wedding, and I panicked and ordered a back-up dress from Amazon. Three days before we left I was able to do the actual sewing, but my zipper still hadn't arrived! My husband found and ordered a 50 pack of various colors of lace zippers from Amazon, which did arrive in time, and did have one of the color I needed.

I still wanted to make the dress a little more fancy feeling for Miss H, so I ordered some hot fix Swarovski crystals and learned how to use the hot fix bejewler tool that Tom gave me for Christmas last year! It was so much fun that it made me want to immediately affix crystals to everything.

I'm very happy with the final dress, and will probably make more of them. The lace wasn't too bad to work with, and the double gauze was a dream.

Pattern: Violette Field Threads Maisie Dress with full skirt
Fabric: semi-stretchy lace from Fabric Depot, Robert Kaufman double gauze
Size: 6
Changes: I lengthened the skirt a bit, and I added a hook and eye at the top of the zipper.

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