Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kid's Clothes Week: Roller Skate High-Low Top

This post is a little late, but it was actually finished last week! I made this pattern as an Easter dress last year, and the armhole ripped out after a couple wears. I saw the exact same thing happened to Gail's dress, and came to the conclusion that maybe I shouldn't clip the curves so closely. Because of the early demise of the dress, I have been hesitant to use this pattern again, but my 1 yard stash busting plan won out.

I wanted to make this top a little more interesting, but didn't want to spend the time embroidering anything. I decided to attempt a high-low hem line. I used the original length of the top for the front center, and tapered down with a small curve to about 3" below the original hem line. The back is pretty much just 3" longer straight across. I wasn't sure as I was putting it together if it was enough of a difference to be noticeable in the finished top, but thankfully it is! I like the finished top, and so does Miss H.

Pattern: Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress + Tunic
Fabric: Priory Square Clover Field from Art Gallery Fabrics
Size: 6
Changes: I used a snap rather than a button closure in the back, and I created a high-low hemline.

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