Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sewing Stream: A Winter Dress

This winter in the Bay Area has been very different than last year weather-wise. In December 2014 Miss H and I wore our flip flops and sundress with t-shirts for most of the month. There was then a brief time in January where the temperatures almost got down to freezing at night. This year, there have been multiple nights that we have tented our citrus trees, quite a few days of rain, and we haven't seen the 70s since October. This means that we are almost exclusively wearing long sleeves! Miss H has grown out of all of the dresses I've previously made for her, except her Christmas dress, so we decided it was time to make something new!

After looking through my box of fabric for her, I chose a newer piece of Riley Blake knit that I got at Hart's Fabric the last time we were in Santa Cruz. I'm very pleased with the speediness of this project and the final fit! It took me one sewing evening to put this together, using a jersey needle on my sewing machine. (I am having problems getting the serger tension and threading correct right now!)

Pattern: Oliver + S Hopscotch Dress
Size: 6
Fabric: Knit Vintage Floral Navy from Vintage Market by Tasha Noel
Changes: None!


  1. Are you in the Bay Area too?! (Did I know this? Forgive me if I should've known this.) Yes, we're freezing our tushes off this year! I have more long sleeved dresses in my queue for Maggie. This is such an easy to sew and comfortable dress - I find it looks a bit night-gowny in lighter colored (read, Maggie's standard pink) fabrics, but it is more sophisticated and "day-time" in this lovely dark floral. Great dress!

  2. This is too groovy and I love her boots!
    I can't believe your father changes, you would fit well in Country South Australia. We need a jacket in the morning and swimmers at lunchtime.
    Lovely to see your sewing in the Flickr pool.

  3. I adore this, it is beautiful. Wonderfully styled too, I need those boots!


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