Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sewing Stream: Snowflake Dress for Christmas

Knowing that we would be in California this year for Christmas, this was the first time I was on the hunt for a Christmas dress without an accompanying jacket pattern or long sleeves. I found this beautiful heavy red and gray flannel at JoAnn in the fall and bought enough at half price for whatever pattern I would eventually choose. I knew I wanted to include some embroidery or cross stitch on the bodice portion of the dress, and the newer Oliver + S Hide and Seek Dress pattern has a lot of available space for these options. 

I pinterested (look, a new word!) around for what looked like a basic and quick cross stitch pattern that would lend itself to a Christmas dress without limiting the dress to the month of December. I found one that looks like patch work snowflakes and got started. 

I cut everything out (size 4), and took the red bodice yoke portion (a red Moda fabric designed to go with all the Bonnie & Camille fabrics) with me on our Thanksgiving-time travels through Washington and Chicago. It's a good thing I got an early start on the cross stitch because it took a lot longer than I anticipated! I used 3 strands of embroidery floss, and will probably try 2 next time. The front bodice is completely faced with a mid weight fusible interfacing so that it wouldn't stretch while I had it in the embroidery hoop. 

When we got home mid-December, I didn't jump right into dress sewing, but did other December activities like shopping and baking and decorating our home. I picked the dress back up a few days before Christmas, wanting Miss H to be able to wear it to church on Christmas Eve. Well, I finished the snaps about 15 minutes before we headed out the door! I love the result and Miss H tries to wear it almost daily! 


  1. How incredibly beautiful.
    It is amazing how long needle work actually takes, isn't it?

  2. It's so beautiful - the cross stitch looks amazing on this dress!
    No wonder she wants to wear it daily :)

  3. Such a cutie. She is lucky to have such a talented mum to make her pretty dresses.

  4. Beautiful dress! I love the snowflake design!


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