Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter KCW: Geranium Dress

Most people who sew clothing for their little girls have been sewing and talking about the Geranium Dress from Made by Rae for about a year.  I have been admiring many of the versions that have come from my favorite bloggers, in particular this one from Probably Actually. Well, she is not just one of my favorite bloggers, she is my favorite blogger. I love everything she makes for her kids!

I downloaded the pattern last summer, but never sewed it because I am always disappointed by non-Oliver + S patterns. I should have made this one sooner. The pieces fit together so well! It takes less than a yard and a half for a size 3, and scraps for the bodice lining.

This is easily a favorite project for me. Miss H adores it too. I know I will be making more of these for the summer.

The only thing I was not entirely impressed with were the sewing instructions. Because I've sewn quite a bit, I was able to figure my way through pretty well. I think part of the confusion may have come because there are so many versions of this dress you can make, so you have to pick your way through the instructions to compete your own version. I was very impressed with how clean the finished dress looks, especially with the bodice lining!


  1. Such a beautiful dress!
    I purchased my copy with hopes of sewing it for KCW 2014,but never got around to do it :( Every single version I've seen so far is so great!

  2. I love it! I'm glad to see how nice the Geranium Dress looks layered over a long sleeved shirt. I'm afraid it will be quite a while before we can pull spring dresses out otherwise in my neck of the woods!


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