Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall KCW: First Playtime

Well, this is one of my busier weeks of life, but it also happens to be Fall Kids Clothes Week! I have been able to keep up with house cleaning and baby shower planning enough to do a little "extra" sewing.

I've had the new Oliver + S patterns sitting in a pile, waiting to be sewn for a few weeks. I knew I wanted to make some long sleeve tops and dresses. Mostly dresses. Miss H is partial to dresses and skirts right now. She loves things she can wear tights or what she calls squishy pants with, rather than jeans. Most of my to-be-sewn-stash-fabric are one yard pieces. I used to be able to eek anything out of a yard for her. Well, now in a 3T that doesn't seem like as much of an option! I settled on the Playtime Dress, Tunic, and Leggings pattern. It said I would need a yard and a half, but I made a yard of the Heather Ross Briar Rose work, along with a strip of some red on red pattern that I had.

I left the pockets out to save fabric. I ended up with a length somewhere between the tunic and dress, and I love it! (I already have another one cut out.) I had a little problem with the back bodice pattern. Some of the ladies on the Oliver + S discussion boards kindly pointed out that a corrected pattern piece had been released for this.

I chose to use the faux peter pan style collar top stitching. I was worried I wouldn't be able to see it well, even with a contrasting color. Again, the discussion boards had a great suggestion. I used two spools of red thread on the top of my machine, one spinning clockwise and one spinning counterclockwise. I was worried my machine's tension would freak out, but it did just fine. I will try this trick again!

My next version will be the dress length in corduroy. This was a quick sew and was approved by Miss H!

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  1. Love the red at the bottom. Nice combination, and cute girl:-)


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