Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Woodinville Lavender Farm

Last summer Miss H and I discovered the newly opened Woodinville Lavender Farm. We loved wandering around the fields. This year, we made sure to back once all the plants were blooming.

Miss H loves purple flowers, and tells me almost daily that she smells "labender." We make diaper cream with lavender essential oil, we have several plants in our yard including a giant bush that came with the house, and we have tried several crafts involving lavender.

This year she enjoyed running through the grassy fields, letting me take pictures while we explored. The smell was amazing. It was fun to pause by the bushes and just listen to them literally buzzing with bees. One of the first things Miss H noticed were the bees. She rushed up to the edge of the field and said, "Thank you for making honey, bees!"

The farm sells fresh and dried lavender and plants for your yard in many varieties. We already have a few of the basics, but this year we added a Spanish lavender and a white lavender to our mix!

If you want to visit the farm, make sure you do so in the next week or the lavender will all have been harvested. We are looking forward to going back again next year!

Summer KCW: Roller Skates

I'm sorry it has taken me a while to post my summer Kids Clothes Week projects! Life has been so busy. I cut out both of these tops and the dress using my Oliver + S Roller Skate pattern several months ago. Since then, I have had very little time to sew. However, last week I finally had a chance to put these guys together!

I made size 2T like before, but I made the elastic around the middle a little longer. The neckline on this pattern runs a little big on Miss H. so I am hoping these will fit her next summer as well. The only other modification I made is my standard snap rather than button swap. The previous pieces I've made with this patter did have buttons, but my little girl's hair keeps wrapping around the button, needing to be cut off. I am very happy with the way the snaps look.

It has been a few months or more since I got the fabrics for these pieces, so I'm not entirely sure who made them all! The dress is a blue ombre by Moda from a local quilt shop. The daisy top is a mix from Moda's PB&J collection. The green top (my personal favorite) is Jack and Lulu's All Hands on Deck in Fisherman Green.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten on Ten: Busy Day

It has been a few months since we've participated in A Bit of Sunshine's Ten on Ten (not for lack of trying!). Today Miss H and I managed to remember our camera and to use it! Hope you enjoy some of our adventures!