Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sewing Stream: Ice Cream Tops

The Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress and Top pattern is one of my current favorites. It takes minimal fabric for a shirt, and is pretty quick to both cut and sew.

I made the yellow top first. The floral fabric I bought a few years ago on a local shop hop, and the yellow is a Kona cotton. I was hoping to put some green or pink piping across the seam where the two fabrics meet, but couldn't figure out how to make it work without an awkward seam in the sleeve. In the future I will make the lower part of the top longer to better accommodate wear with leggings and a growing girl.

The second one is probably my favorite top. I just love the fabric with the little girls, red accents, and pennants. I did make this shirt about 2.5 inches longer than the pattern indicates. Rather than a hem at the bottom, I made some red double fold bias tape to make the color pop a little more. Because the little pennant fabric on top is directional, I had to cut the yoke in 2 separate pieces and sew them together. at the shoulders. While I was finishing up the button, Halycone came to see what I was doing and announced, "I do love that dress!"


  1. I LOVE the fabric you have chosen, any hints on where it is from??

    I am about to attempt my first ice cream blouse for my baba - I have chosen from the out to sea range by Sarah Jayne.

    Hopefully it will turn out as lovely as yours :0)

    1. Good choice with Out to Sea, I have been making lots with those prints!

  2. The blue/red/white top is Riley Blake fabric: http://www.rileyblakedesigns.com/shop/category/riley-blake-designs/available-now/the-simple-life-cottons-2/

    The yellow/flower top is also probably Riley Blake, but the flower print is several (maybe 4-5) years old. The solid yellow is Kona cotton.


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