Monday, March 18, 2013

Sweet Little Conversation

Sweetest conversation with Miss H on the way home from church on Sunday night:

H: There's a tall building
S: That's a hospital, that is where you were born.
H: I go to hospital?
S: You can go there if we have another baby.
H: Oh, Ok.
T: Can you pray for Mommy to have another baby?
S: Or 5 babies?
H: (She got very quiet and started talking to Jesus and counting babies, and singing "the Bible tells me so." - took about 3 minutes) Then, "I prayed!"

Later in the evening during some wind-down play, talking to Tom:

H: Jesus died a lot. (To her, a lot means something along the lines of extra.) Jesus loves me really really lot. I love Jesus. I be baptized?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sewing Stream: Ice Cream Dresses

I made one of these easy little Ice Cream Dresses last summer for Miss H, and loved it. It was a pattern I was not originally interested in, but after seeing some cute ideas on the flickr site, I decided it could look cute.

I made these two in a size 2T. They go together so quickly! The first one I made with some fabric I got last May in Chicago. I didn't use it for a while because I liked it a lot and was afraid I'd mess up whatever it was sewed with it.

The second one I made with some Heather Bailey fabric. I have been wanting to try a little cross stitch on an outfit, and the solid yoke on this dress seemed like a good option. I used a pattern from Anna Maria Horner's newest book, Anna Maria's Needleworks Notebook (you can find a digital version here). I used waste canvas, as suggested in this Oliver + S blog post. It took more time than I expected, but I like the way it turned out!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sewing Stream: The French Pattern

Over the last few months I have observed the cutest girl's top floating around twitter and sewing blogs. I started looking into it and discovered it is French pattern; the Columbine Blouse from Papillon & Mandarine.  I couldn't find any US companies selling it online, but I discovered a shop in Ohio, Murray Hill Bold and Spool, that indicates they carry them in their shop. They don't have an online business yet, but if you email the shop, the owner will sell via paypal and ship one for you!

I received my pattern about 3 weeks ago. It took me several days to translate/decode it. I am thankful for Google Translator and help from a friend who took 4 years of high school French and a cousin who is fluent in French. Once I started cutting and sewing, I realized that I didn't need to be as apprehensive as I felt when I began. There are excellent illustrations in the pattern instructions, and if you've sewn much, it will just make sense what your next steps should be. 

After measuring Miss H and comparing her measurements with the pattern, I made a size 2. It fits perfectly, but I am afraid it won't fit for long. 

I decided to make a second shirt with short sleeves, ruffles, and bias tape hem/sleeve bindings in a size 3. The bigger size doesn't look terribly sloppy-big and will last much longer. Adding the ruffles was a little more time consuming than I anticipated, but it made it even cuter. 

This is a very easy and fairly quick pattern to sew if you don't add too many modifications. I used my favorite snaps for both of these, rather than buttons. Both took 1 yard of fabric. I will be making more for sure! 

If you need more inspiration for this pattern, make sure to check out this post and this post by Ana Sofia.