Monday, March 18, 2013

Sweet Little Conversation

Sweetest conversation with Miss H on the way home from church on Sunday night:

H: There's a tall building
S: That's a hospital, that is where you were born.
H: I go to hospital?
S: You can go there if we have another baby.
H: Oh, Ok.
T: Can you pray for Mommy to have another baby?
S: Or 5 babies?
H: (She got very quiet and started talking to Jesus and counting babies, and singing "the Bible tells me so." - took about 3 minutes) Then, "I prayed!"

Later in the evening during some wind-down play, talking to Tom:

H: Jesus died a lot. (To her, a lot means something along the lines of extra.) Jesus loves me really really lot. I love Jesus. I be baptized?

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