Thursday, January 10, 2013

Surfs Up!

Ever have one of those days?  This has been one of those weeks.  In a resonant system, there are occasions when multiple oscillation frequencies combine and create a much bigger wave.  A rogue wave is a possible example of this.  When multiple people are talking in a room, and the room goes silent, that is an example of the reverse.  This week has unfolded an unlikely number of events that can be hard to process on their own, much less in parallel.

This week has been one of illness for many coworkers, family, and friends.  This week has had many unexpected deaths that hit close to home: of family members of friends, a coworker, and unborn children.  This week I have had to deal with medical insurance law nuances that may cost us hundreds of dollars.  This week a number of friends lost their jobs.  Additionally this week has brought two other events that have added stress, confusion, and even grief where none was expected or sought.

This week also has a spark of hope.  On Friday we are taking the next step in our embryo adoption process and transferring the fourth embryo.  As before, we approach the event with fear, excitement, and ultimately trust that we are serving a sovereign and good God.

All of these things are taking a mental, physical, and spiritual toll that is, though difficult, not insurmountable.  At this point, a pessimist standing on the beach of life would yell "Oh *bleep*, a tsunami!" and try to run away.  An optimist would, perhaps foolishly, grab the nearest flat object and shout "Surfs Up!  Wheeee!"  Torn between those two responses, I can only quietly watch the shore with the lyrics of Edward Mote running through my head:

On Christ the Solid Rock I stand,

all other ground is shifting sand.

ALL other ground is shifting sand.


  1. I found your blog through Cedar Park's Embryo Adoption site. My husband and I along with another couple attended Presentation Sunday back in 2009. We decided to go the route of donated embryos through a local clinic in 2010 and I gave birth to our beautiful son in March of 2011. Our story is long and we've had an adventure all the way around, but we are looking into adopting embryos this time as we only had 3 to begin with and none of the other survived the thaw. I just wanted to tell you that I am praying for you and your future children. You have brightened up my day and perhaps we will meet in the future. Are you attending Presenation Sunday in 2 weeks? Anyway, love and hugs to you and I'll be waiting for an update. God is sooooooo good isn't he? Praise his Holy name, Julia Stone

  2. Oh... praying for your as you take care of your family, watch, and wait with hope and fear all mixed together. What a precious time this is.


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