Monday, December 3, 2012

Photo Challenge :: Elf

Day 2 of the #iheartfaces photo challenge:: Elf

We have one of the Elf on the Shelf dolls that has been doing fun things around the house overnight, and then waiting for Halcyone to find her in the morning.

The first submission is from Stacy, who went the tricky route.  The picture is of the elf in front of the Christmas tree with a custom star bokeh filter.  With the effective aperture reduced so much by the filter, we had to use a flashlight (Fenix E11) to make the elf visible.  Gimp was used to change the input levels, increasing the brightness of the picture.


I am still amused thinking of what the elf isn't found doing, but did catch her being mischievous.
Apparently, we accidentally ordered Elf on the Top Shelf: After decorating the tree, she borrowed doll furniture to toss back some holiday cheer.


During the photo shoot, there were some pretty funny unscripted outtakes.  I did not pose these.  At all.

Cat Photobomb:

Peppermint Lightweight, or Elf under the Shelf:


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