Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ten on Ten: Silliness and All

It has been a few months since I participated in the Ten on Ten project. There is no good reason that I skipped so many. I kept forgetting on the tenth and wouldn't remember for a few days, or I'd remember too late in the day to get all my photos in. Today, I remembered just before we ran out of the house. The pictures are from all over the place. We started the day off in Bothell, did several impromptu errands in Woodinville, and then headed to Seattle. Along the way Tom replaced the Jeep's heater motor. Yay! We walked around Greenlake and then headed to Pioneer Square for a friend's birthday dinner. Hmmm, that's where my phone told me we needed to be. After getting mixed up on the viaduct due to a non-existent exit sign for Western Avenue and getting stuck in Husky game traffic, we finally made it to an overpriced parking garage and set off on foot. Once at the address, the restaurant we were supposed to be at was not there. So we walked back, were refused a refund, and headed to the real address somewhere in what I can only imagine is Rainier Valley. All three of us can now say that Sudanese/Ethiopian food is not our favorite, but it was great to see friends and celebrate the birthday. That's the story about the silliness. Here are our pictures and we're off to bed for a less adventurous day tomorrow.

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  1. hehe I love it! :) Sweater twins! :) Great shots love all the fun angles!


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