Thursday, November 22, 2012

Small Stewardship

Shopping recently, my daughter wanted to grab all the condiments that were at eye level.  After explaining that an enthusiastic attempt to loot the store was not ok, we selected some Grey Poupon (on the shopping list).  Stacy had the rest of the groceries in the "Truck-Cart" (as requested by the kiddo) at the u-check, but Halcyone and I went through the 15 items or less line with just enough money to buy the mustard.

At two, she understands to some degree the concept of paying for things, and the fact that I work to provide for the family, but the process of teaching her stewardship will take years.  For now, I am glad she accepts a "No" graciously when she asks if mommy can give her money for the the coin-op "Horse-wies" at the mall.

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