Saturday, November 24, 2012

Evidences of God's Blessing :: ??

I'm so sorry we haven't posted any more of the Evidences posts! Instagram photo emailing has not been working for over a week now! We'll try again next year. We do have some other fun posts coming up!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Concert at The Painted Door

Editor's Note: Somehow this got lost in the blog drafts and never published.  Approximately 6 months later, here it is!

Saturday night, we had the great opportunity to go to a concert at The Painted Door. We learned of it because the band Plum was playing, but the show was headlined by Kareem Manuel.  Admission and donations went towards the International Justice Mission.

A small venue and a fun crowd, the show was amazing.

@Decipha warming up the crowd.


@plumb_artist and @stacyluce in the 'press area' afterwards.

Small Stewardship

Shopping recently, my daughter wanted to grab all the condiments that were at eye level.  After explaining that an enthusiastic attempt to loot the store was not ok, we selected some Grey Poupon (on the shopping list).  Stacy had the rest of the groceries in the "Truck-Cart" (as requested by the kiddo) at the u-check, but Halcyone and I went through the 15 items or less line with just enough money to buy the mustard.

At two, she understands to some degree the concept of paying for things, and the fact that I work to provide for the family, but the process of teaching her stewardship will take years.  For now, I am glad she accepts a "No" graciously when she asks if mommy can give her money for the the coin-op "Horse-wies" at the mall.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Have you read a book about adoption?

A quick question begging a longer response:

Have you read a book about adoption?

If you have, I would love to hear which one, ideally with some of the following information:
  • Was it helpful and/or would you recommend it? Why?
  • Does the book point to the Gospel of Jesus regarding adoption?
  • Does the book talk about stewardship (implicitly or explicitly)?
  • What type(s) of adoption process(es) does the book touch on? (Foster/Orphan/Domestic/Infant/International/Embryo/etc)
  • Who is the book intended for? Anyone learning about adoption? People wanting to know how to adopt? How to be an adoptive parent?
  • Other aspects of the book: was it funny/deep/scholarly/analytical?  A good reference?

Does it sound like I am looking for a book review? YES!  Will your response matter? Absolutely!

I am hoping to start reading some of the better books available.  Because of our desire, excitement, and call to raise a family, many of the 'should we' and 'how do we' questions were already answered at the beginning.  To be sure, the parenting aspect of the adoption process is still unfolding: the challenge of raising a child well, but by God's grace that will come. In the meantime,  I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

We have read some, but not many of the available textual resources. The plan is to read a number of them and then post formal reviews as a resource for others.

If you have an answer, shoot me an email to or post a comment.  I would love to hear back.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Evidences of God's Blessing :: 13

(Left: Kelly, Right: Stacy) 
Recipe Note:
Molasses Spice Cake from November 2012 Better Homes and Gardens
Blueberry Jam Compote from November 2012 Better Homes and Gardens

I made this cake today, partly because the picture just looked so good, and partly because I had 3 jars of molasses to be used! Now I'm down to just 2. It's a pretty rich, flavor-intense cake, but it is soooooo good! The only change I made to the recipe was to use 2-10" cake pans rather than 3-8" pans.

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Ten on Ten: Silliness and All

It has been a few months since I participated in the Ten on Ten project. There is no good reason that I skipped so many. I kept forgetting on the tenth and wouldn't remember for a few days, or I'd remember too late in the day to get all my photos in. Today, I remembered just before we ran out of the house. The pictures are from all over the place. We started the day off in Bothell, did several impromptu errands in Woodinville, and then headed to Seattle. Along the way Tom replaced the Jeep's heater motor. Yay! We walked around Greenlake and then headed to Pioneer Square for a friend's birthday dinner. Hmmm, that's where my phone told me we needed to be. After getting mixed up on the viaduct due to a non-existent exit sign for Western Avenue and getting stuck in Husky game traffic, we finally made it to an overpriced parking garage and set off on foot. Once at the address, the restaurant we were supposed to be at was not there. So we walked back, were refused a refund, and headed to the real address somewhere in what I can only imagine is Rainier Valley. All three of us can now say that Sudanese/Ethiopian food is not our favorite, but it was great to see friends and celebrate the birthday. That's the story about the silliness. Here are our pictures and we're off to bed for a less adventurous day tomorrow.

Evidences of God's Blessing :: 9

(Left: Kelly, Right: Stacy)

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Evidences of God's Blessing

My blog-less sister, Kelly, has agreed to team up with me in a daily post for the month of November. We will be sharing pictures of the blessings God has given us each day. These may be seemingly big things (like our families) or simpler things (such as a really good cup of coffee). They are all evidences of God's grace in our lives. Please rejoice with us and consider sharing some of your blessings in the comments each day.

(Left: Kelly, Right: Stacy)