Sunday, July 22, 2012

Burgeoning Bush

When we moved into our house a year ago (I know, a year already!?) we were excited about the huge lavender bush next to the front door. It was scraggly and just finishing blooming, but it smelled delightfully fresh. Tom gave it a severe pruning in the fall, and we waited to see what would happen this year.

I have enjoyed the beautiful purple buds and now flowers for several weeks. While sewing with the front window open in the evening, I've been able to smell the fresh sweet scent wafting inside. Yesterday afternoon I decided to cut the blooms and see how many bouquets I could get out of it to hang and dry. I ended up with 9, and there are still blooms for at least that many more!

Here's what I did!

Step 1: Cut as many stems as you'd like.

Step 2: Make and tie a loop near the end of some gardening twine.

Step 3: Leaving the loop toward the stem ends and the short end of the twine towards the flowers, wrap the long end of twine (I used about a yard) around the stems.

Step 4: When you have about 5-6 inches left on the wrapping end, tie a tight knot with the initial twine end.

Step 5: Hang and enjoy!

They will smell great long after they've dried. Use for bathroom decor, hostess gifts, or whatever you like.

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  1. Your house must smell AMAZING right now! I love those hanging against the orange wall. So summery!


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