Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's a Baby Shower Month Here (2/2)

The week after Rebecca's shower I hosted my friend Heather's shower! The colors were orange and teal, my personal favorites! Heather's shower needed to work for 20-25 guests. I wanted to coordinate the invitations, decor, and food. Again, yay for my Pinterest party board! It was so hard to pick which ideas to try.

I started with the invitations. I have seen so many ideas using little pennant bunting, so I gave it a try. After about 3 tries, I came up with this. I used ivory and teal cardstock and orange envelopes. I began by printing and cutting out the ivory paper. I stamped a few pale clouds around the wording. Next I cut little pennants out of fabric scraps and Target's (4 rolls for $4!) brand of Washi tape. This is the first time I've used Washi tape, and I have to say I am a big fan! It is easy to use. Just think of pre-stickied paper. Finally, I used my sewing machine to make the string lines.

The decor used the same pennant theme. I cut long triangles out of various orange and teal scrapbook papers, punched holes in the ends, and strung them up with yarn. I liked the way the yarn kept them from sliding around.

Food, oh the fun food! I made orange creamcicle cupcake stacks in mason jars, blue and orange fruit stuffed sugar cones, my favorite lemon-orange-tea punch, and gumdrops! I know it sounds like a lot, but I was able to space it out over the week. I made the gumdrops on Wednesday since they needed time to crystallize. Make sure not to let your gum drop mixture boil over. Messy messy messy. I began the cupcakes on Thursday night so I'd have time to bake, slice, and frost.

It's hard to find affordable favors for 25 people that aren't just junk. I thought something snacky would work. Pinterest came through and gave me an idea for these cute little animal cracker boxes. I found the acrylic boxes on Etsy. Who knew it would be so hard to find those?! 

That's about it! I hope you enjoy and can use these ideas!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's a Baby Shower Month Here (1/2)

This month I got to throw a couple baby showers for 2 of my good friends. Once for a girl, one for a boy. Oh so much fun to plan! Pinterest is a planners playground. It was fun to choose themes and colors, goodies, games, and projects.

Here are some of the ideas I implemented for the first shower, for my friend Rebecca. She will be having a new baby gal any day now! I loved the cloud/raindrop ideas I'd seen kicking around and changed it up a bit to incorporate yellow, orange, and raspberry colors. Most of the ideas I had seen used blue and gray, but that would not be fitting for a girl.

I made these easy clouds using butcher paper, fiber fill, and my sewing machine. I drew some pudgy looking clouds with a pencil on the paper, folded the paper over so I had 2 layers, and sewed along the pencil lines leaving about a 5 inch gap for stuffing. Next I stuffed with with just a tiny bit of fiber fill. Really, it doesn't take much to get a little bit of dimension so they'll pop off the wall. I sewed the gap up and trimmed, leaving about 3/8" all the way around past the seam. I attached colored cardstock raindrops I had cut out with bright embroidery thread after I stuck the clouds to the wall (3-4 little squares of double sided 3M foam tape - it holds well and comes off without bring the paint along!).

I cut little clouds out of white cardstock and cut slits to pop on the straws. These paper straws are so much fun, and the don't even disintegrate after sitting in a cup of punch for 3 hours!

Games? Well, I went kind of light on these this time. I had people work at a hair-bow-bar, making clips and headbands for their own little girls or for Rebecca's new babe. I was hoping this would be fun and get people interacting. It seemed to be a hit! I had 3 mini hot-temp glue guns, clips, 3/8" velour ribbon (non-slip on shiny soft baby hair), felt flowers, buttons, thread, and headband elastic. These items are very affordable at local craft shops.

I did put one game together than I've been dying to try. I needed a smaller shower to make it do-able since it is a little resource, both time and supply, heavy. I covered shoe and other similar sized boxes in white butcher paper. Using crayons, I drew and colored babies on the tops, and cut mouth holes with Tom's knife. If you make these, make sure the mouth holes are the same size and are about the circumference of a cotton ball. This game is played by giving each person a baby, a bowl of cotton balls, and a table spoon. There is a set amount of time that they use to feed their baby as many cotton balls with the spoon (no fingers!) as possible. The winner is the person who managed to spoon the most in!

And the food? I used one of my very favorite Pioneer Woman recipes for the cake. A friend helped me cut the cake with a large biscuit cutter and top them each with fresh garden mint and raspberries. I made a pink punch, and made some super easy and yummy citrus meringues from one of the recent Martha Steward magazines.

I hope you've enjoyed these ideas! Please feel free to reuse them!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ten on Ten on Eleven

I know this is a day late, but here it is! I decided to use all instagram pictures this time. It's a little funky, but fun! 

Monday, June 4, 2012


Jay, (CJ at the time, if I recall correctly), was a classmate and friend in high school.

Despite the years and miles that separate our relatively brief acquaintance, I have to write this, partly because I am surprised at how much the Ericksons' plane crash is affecting me, and partly because their faith and love for Jesus echo profoundly into the silence left by their passing.

The three main memories of Jay that I will take away are these:

First is sitting in his dining room, meticulasly carving, glueing, and testing balsa-wood airplanes for a science competition.  I can still smell superglue and accelerant, feel balsa and the sting of a propeller rubber band failing, and remember Jay's passionate enthusiasm for good workmanship and the success of the project.

Second is, even though only in touch via social networking, the vicarious excitement and joy of learning that his dream of becoming a pilot was becoming a reality, along with getting married, starting a family, and heading to Zambia.

Last is the legacy in the words that he left behind, even through a death deemed (only by our earthly standards) untimely.  Many news agencies and friends have reposed his blog on death in whole, but this is what I find most impactful.
I ... realize again in a new way that there is nothing sad about the death of a Christian. The only sadness (and I do not intend to belittle this aspect) is in the loss of companionship by those left behind. 
I will close with a quote from C.S. Lewis which is at the foundation of my thinking: “You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” And I know that when this body dies, my soul will get a new one. - Jay Erickson, April 20, 2012 

Please pray for their daughters, that they would be able to understand, and grieve their loss, and learn to trust Jesus in the way their parents did.