Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ten on Ten: Embryo Adoption - Transfer Day

We decided to do something a little different for this Ten on Ten set. We took our pictures on the 6th because that was a very special day for us. About 3 years ago we adopted 6 little embryos. Two years ago we transferred 2 of them; one is our daughter Halcyone. This week we had another (our third) embryo transferred! 

I don't usually post explanation with my Ten on Ten posts, but I have here to help explain the process and our special day. Please continue to pray that this special little baby has implanted and is growing. We still have a long 5 days to wait for our blood test. 

The building on the right, overlooking Lake Union, is where our frozen little babies live. 

We checked in for our appointment, and I got an acupuncture treatment.  

This is a picture of our third child! The embryologists took this picture about an hour prior to transfer. It takes about 20 minutes to thaw an embryo.  

Transfer time! The window on the left goes into the embryology lab.  

We took the rest of the day as a date day.  

Lunch at Blue C Sushi! We had lunch here after Halcyone's transfer too.  

I love California rolls. 

Tom and I got to browse my favorite paper crafting store.  

We walked through a couple other shops at University Village and got cookies! 

While we were walking around we picked out a blueberry candy stick to take back home to Halcyone. 


  1. Oh bless you...what a sweet ten on ten post. Keeping you and your family in my prayers and that you will have success with your fertility treatment. My husband and I have lived with infertility for over ten years, so this post struck a tender note in my heart.


  2. wow amazing - I will also be keeping you in prayers thank you for linking up this was a moving set to read!

  3. I love this set, such a special documentation! You look amazing Stacy! Hope we can get together soon!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this special day with the world - it must be so personal but its sort of incredible thing to see. Prayers going your way every day!


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