Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pray for Number Three

Please pray for our little, yet not so little, family on Tuesday. (I mean, you can pray for us before then too, but please pray specifically for Tuesday!)

Most of you know that we adopted 6 frozen embryos about three years ago. Two years ago tomorrow we thawed two of those sweet little babies. Both implanted and grew, but one never developed a heartbeat. The other, Halcyone, had a heartbeat by 5 weeks and continues to grow healthily today!

On Tuesday morning, an embryologist will thaw out our third adopted little baby. Around 11:30AM PST. within a few hours of removal from the frozen tank, a reproductive endocrinologist will squirt that (hopefully) healthy little embryo into me.

Please be praying that this baby survives the thaw, that my body is well prepared, and that this little baby implants. We won't know the outcome until 10 days after this transfer, but we know that God cares for this little baby even more than we do.

Pray that the embryologist will respect our requests. We have asked that if they feel that an embryo does not look "good enough" after thawing, that it would still be given the opportunity to implant and grow. If this is the case, the doctors will then thaw a second embryo to transfer as well.

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  1. We will CERTAINLY be praying for you. Can't wait to hear some good news!


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