Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The End of Winter

Year: 02012
Month: 03
Day: 06

On this particular Tuesday morning a highly skilled individual will remove a small group of cells from a massive steel environmental chamber held at 77K, or -321°F.  These cells have been frozen for years, in stasis from the moment they were placed into the cryopreservation bath.

As a hint of warmth creeps back into the cells, their metabolic process will begin again.  Cells long dormant will stir and begin to grow: dividing, increasing, continuing what had begun before they were quenched.  They may not survive the process though.

Nearly two years ago to the day, two similar, but not identical sets of cells underwent the same process.  Reanimated after their cold sojourn and placed in a favorable environment, they multiplied and differentiated.  The complexity of the embryos, originally held in the DNA, began to manifest itself as life blossomed.  Stacy was pregnant.

Weeks went by.  One of the tiny lives died.  One did not.

Our daughter was born 226 days after that day in March.  As part of her baby photo book, we have a picture that was taken by the doctor within minutes of her being taken from the nitrogen tank.

The risks are real, the stakes are high, and  life and death are on the line.

Tuesday, we are praying that Jesus would guide the doctors' actions; That He would protect our child as it transitions from a harsh, cold sleep; That He would allow the child to grow inside Stacy;  That He would be a comfort and peace for us whether the child lives or dies; and ultimately, that His will would be done to His glory.


  1. wow, this is exciting news. I'll be praying for you guys throughout the next couple of weeks

  2. Praying like mad for all *four* of you!! :-) Praying for this new baby to grow and prosper with Stacy, praying for a healthy pregnancy for Stacy, praying for God to allow Tom to best support to Stacy in whatever needs she has, and praying for the transition for Halcyone to go from being the only child to hopefully the big sister! :-) Love you guys and let me know if you need anything!

  3. wow! That is exciting news! Praying for peace throughout, no matter what the news is!


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