Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine Days: My Little Nest

I've seen people selling necklaces, pins, and earrings that look like cute little nests containing eggs representing the number of children in their family. They are super cute, but most people want a lot of money for them. I made this necklace for less than $10. My necklace has 6 little icy-blue eggs in it, representing the 6 little embryos we adopted just over two years ago. One of these little babies lives with us, one is with Jesus, and the other 4 are still awaiting a thaw to join our family. I know this is a string of Valentine-y tutorials, so you may wonder why I included this particular project. Traditionally Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrating romantic love. However, it makes sense to me for it to represent familial and brotherly love too. It feels funny to leave my daughter out of this celebration. I want her to know that I love her, and I want it to be a day she enjoys until she has a dashing man to sweep her off her feet. So I decided to include this particular project to represent all my kids. Hope you enjoy it!


  • 24 guage craft wire 
  • Beads corresponding with the number of children you have (sizes vary significantly, so try setting them in your nest before wiring them in)
  • Beading tools (wire cutter is the main necessity)
  • Jump rings
  • Necklace chain


Begin by wrapping your wire around a glue stick or similar sized item (large marker, small curling iron, mandrel, etc.). I chose the glue stick because it created the right size center hole for the number of beads I used. 

Cut your wire and pull it off the glue stick. It's fine if the loops criss-cross. This will add to the nest appearance.

Now, attach a new piece of wire and wrap it 3-4 times around one end of the nest.

Pull the wire across the base of the nest and wrap 3-4 times around the opposite side.

Repeat this wrapping in a similar manner for the other 2 sides. Once you have 4 wrapped sides, weave a bit more wire around the base and fasten the wire off.

Test your beads in the nest. Lay them in, set them around until you find a pleasing size and arrangement.

Now, fasten a new piece of wire. String your bottom layer of beads.

Once you have them arranged, work the wire around the base you formed earlier, securing the beads. String your top layer of beads (this was just 1 for me), again working the wire down through the base to secure.

Cut your wire and fasten off by wrapping through the base.

Using a jump ring, attach the nest through one of the size wraps to your necklace chain. If it is not hanging correctly you may need 2 jump rings, one on top of the other.


  1. Gorgeous! :) So you can really make the nest any size just depeneding on what you wrap it around. :) Love it! I hope I win :D

  2. I love this necklace! What a great idea :) I think I will keep this in mind to do it if/when we have more kids... I think it may look a little bare with just 2 beads. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. I have seen necklaces like this around and always wanted one! It looks so easy! and fun!
    hm, what beads to choooose....

  4. OH MY GOSH. This is the best idea! I have to make one! I might be texting you for help, but I'm so glad you posted this. Thanks, friend!!! :)


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