Thursday, December 22, 2011

Deck the Halls: First Christmas

I know, this ornament is for my 2010 baby. You see, last year she and I spent some time looking for a special first Christmas ornament, but we never found one we liked. They all looked like baby shower cake toppers. So here is one I made a year late for her. It has a snowflake on it because for several years she resided in an extra cold freezer and has been referred to by some as a "snowflake" baby. This year some fellow embryo adopters decked their tree out in snowflakes. I asked if I could borrow their snowflake idea, and they said yes! So here ya go!



Begin by cutting out 2 pieces of felt using the template link from the supplies list. 

Determine what you would like to stitch on the front of the ornament. Name, year, birth date, snowflake, etc. I free-stitched my design, but if you like more planning you can sketch your design and use a transfer pencil. Stitch onto the front layer only. The back layer will cover up the messy side of the embroidery work. 

Once the design stitching is complete, stick the two layers together and blanket stitch around the entire edge. Here is a great blanket stitch tutorial

Attach a hanger of your choice. I had a piece of cotton left that was the perfect side. Pull through both shoulders and tie at the top. 

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