Monday, October 3, 2011

October Eat-In

This month will be a little different.

This month we are not eating out.

You could call it drastic, you could call it a test, or you could call it a fast.  We think it will be interesting, and possibly a little fun.

The rules are pretty simple, for the month of October: no fast food, no eating out: no coffee, snacks, or impulse food.  There are exceptions of course.  We will still grab coffee or lunch with freinds.  Going to lunch or dinner for dates is still just fine.

The reasons for doing this are several:

Health will improve.  We eat a pretty healthy diet to begin with, but this can only help.

Less money will be spent on food.  Groceries and dining out are one of our largest discresionary expenses.  This month we may save a substanital amount by planning ahead and prepairing our own food.

More quality time will be spent together.  Of late, we have not been on as many dates as we would like.  By making dinner out contingent on a date-night, it will encourage us to go out together, while also making the trip just a little more special.  Additionally, more meals will be spent together as a family rather than on-the-go.

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