Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Eat-In II

Ok, so my mind was just blown.

I found the website for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  They provide a set of tables that break down consumer expenditure by all sort of categories and age.  There will be more posts based off this wealth of information, but I found the site looking for average restaurant expenses.

According to the 2010 expenditure table (1), the average household with consumers our age spends $230 on eating out each month.  This is for a roughly 3 person household that spends $46.6k annually.  Additionally, this does not include alcohol, which adds an additional $40 to the monthly expenses.

It is easy to see how you could arrive at this number pretty quickly.  Assuming a 'standard' espresso drink of $3.77 from Starbucks, this would be 1 per adult, per day.  At an establishment like Red Robin, where every dish has the same price, you could buy two people dinner ~9 times.  As the quality and price of the establishment increases, getting to $230 is even easier.

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