Monday, September 26, 2011

A Fall Day

Today it rained all day for the first time in weeks. Halcyone and I made a quick stop at the local produce market for squash and couldn't resist this Cinderella pumpkin. It was almost free! The funny thing is, Halcyone needed to touch it. Like couldn't take her hand off the entire time she was in the cart with it. Like threw a fit when I took her out of the cart and put her in the car. Yikes, that's the first real tantrum.

When we got home, we were hanging out by my sewing machine. Halcyone was looking out the window and started talking about birds. Then I realized there were probably 25 birds in our yard, flitting around. I guess we have something yummy they wanted, but I wish I knew what it was! Good thing Halcyone learned that word this weekend, or I wouldn't have understood!

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  1. That video is SUPER cute! I almost bought a bunch of pumpkins today too but resisted once again. That one is purty ;)


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