Friday, April 8, 2011

No, I Don't Need to Consider That!

Halcyone has been sampling solid foods over the past few weeks. I say sampling because so far we've found more that she dislikes (avocados, rice cereal, peas, acorn squash) than foods she likes (applesauce, sweet potatoes). I've been making all her food, but decided to try buying a few flavors to see what she likes before I make more. Right now I have a freezer full of peas and acorn squash that she won't eat! Here's a silly little narration of what went on in my brain yesterday afternoon while I was feeding her.

Me: Okay, let's try some pears today, Haly!
Haly: (excited baby waves her arms when she sees the bib and spoon, eats the entire container)
Me: Yay, we've found something that you like! Looks like I can buy some pears now to puree and freeze.
Haly: Yes, yes, please do. But, Mom, I'm still really hungry! Can I have milk too?
Me: Uhhh, honey, I didn't give you insulin for that much food.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh what?! Why did I just think that?!? My baby isn't a type 1 diabetic! That's me! I guess as little as I notice my diabetes being annoying, I'm just used to thinking about it without thinking about it.


  1. Watch out with pears! That's what I use to get the boy to go when he's backed up. They're a dangerous but quite effective agent ;-)


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