Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bainbridge Island

Last Saturday we went to Bainbridge Island for the day with some of our friends! Neither Tom nor I had been there. How is that possible when it's so close?! Our friends suggested the trip a little over a month ago, so we agreed on the date, not knowing if it would be cold, rainy, or sunny. All week the weather reports said it would be rainy. What a nice surprise the sun was! The family we went with have 3 sweet little girls for Halcyone to learn from! We enjoyed a ferry ride, the fabric store, the yarn shop, lunch at a park, Moya ice cream, a nice little walk, and some bagpipes together!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tearful Lyrics

Tom and I both enjoy Plumb's music. (Did you check out the link? Her kids have some of the coolest names!) We've purchased the last 2 albums she released on the day they came out. I think she's one of maybe 3 artists either of us has done this with. The second to the last album was one she made for her children, full of classic and modern lullabies. Three and a half years ago we started listening to it, thinking it would be fun to sing to our future kids. We didn't yet know the extent of that journey. I'm pretty sure we still don't know it. We listened to the songs, learned them, sang with the CD. Then last fall Halcyone joined us and the lyrics took on meanings we didn't know they had.

One Saturday in January Tom sold his first motorcycle. Now that sounds like I've jumped the shark, right? Well, it really has a part in this story, I promise.

So Tom sold the motorcycle to a new rider who lived on Queen Anne Hill. We live across Lake Washington from there and the forecast was for snow and freezing temperatures for the following week. The buyer didn't have time to come back for the motorcycle that day and wasn't sure he wanted to ride it home in the upcoming inclement conditions. Tom decided he would ride it over to the buyer that afternoon while Halcyone and I followed in the car to bring him back home.

After days of gray gloom, the sun was breaking through the clouds as we drove west on the 520 bridge. With Seattle shining, the sun setting and making everything look crisp and new, a sleeping baby girl in the back seat, I was watching Tom on his last ride with that bike. At the same time I was listening to "Always" from the Blink album. I started crying, likely because of the new-mommy hormones trying to figures things out, and also because I realized I wasn't in control of Halcyone's life. Yes, I could take care of her hungry tummy and wet diapers. But I can never dictate her dreams or prevent pain. God can do those things. He can comfort her more than I can. He cares for her more than I do (which is really hard to imagine since I love her so so much). I think I was also feeling sad that Tom was giving up his bike!

Well, thankfully I had a fresh burp cloth sticking out of the diaper bag on the seat beside me. I wiped my face off, thanked God for his love for our little family, and enjoyed watching Tom's last ride on the Kawasaki.

Below are the lyrics to "Always."

Out of nowhere
You came
From a little dust
And a little rain
And when I looked down at
Your face
It showed to me
The truth and grace

I will always try to keep you very safe

So open up your eyes
So they can look in mine
And see a small reflection
And when you close your eyes
I pray the thoughts inside
Are beautiful and true

I won't always
Be this strong
And I won't always
Be the one
To kiss the bruise
Or heal the scrapes
To wipe the tear drops
From your face

But I will always love you more each day

So open up your eyes
So they can look in mine
And see a small reflection
And when you close your eyes
I pray the thoughts inside
Are beautiful and true

I will always love you more each day
I will always try to keep you safe

So open up your eyes
So they can look in mine
And see a small reflection
And when you close your eyes
I pray the thoughts inside
Are beautiful and true

I will always
I will always ... love you

Monday, March 14, 2011

8 Babies

On Saturday, 7 other families from our birth class joined us for the afternoon! We had so much fun visiting and talking about baby milestones together. There were 10 families in our class (Birth Zone); one was out of the country, and one disappeared after the classes were completed. This was the second time we've done this, but we all forgot to take pictures the first time. It was still hard to get a great picture since the kiddos all tip over this way and that! All the babies are between 4 and 5 months old.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Frustrating Dichotomy

Recently, a news article stated that a local couple "Suffers from Diabetes." This kicked off a conversation between Stacy and myself.

On one hand, living with a chronic disease does permeate every aspect of your life. Unexplained (or expected) lows and highs, extra doctor visits, needles, tubes, insets, vials, stares from people after you bust out a Capri-Sun in a nice restaurant when the service takes longer than your bolus allows, and constantly explaining yourself to people (including clueless nurses!) are all part of daily life.
Failure to keep track of all this is disastrous; the fact that poor management, laziness, or indifference can kill very quickly must be understood.

On the other hand, life goes on. Washing our hands, flossing our teeth, and getting exercise are all daily activities that improve our health and we just accept as life. Living with diabetes, when just added to the rhythms of life can be similar; it becomes background noise if it is allowed to just be another beat in this rhythm. Lifespan, pregnancy, and fitness are frequently just the same as in a 'healthy' person.

It is a frustrating dichotomy then, when you need to describe living with diabetes. Is it trial and suffering, or just part of your life? Should you be accommodated or treated like normal? There is no easy answer, except that it will always be a little of both.