Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day for 3

On Saturday the three of us went to Valentine's tea! Tom has said for a while that he'd go with me, so about a month ago I made reservations for us at Secret Garden Tea, my favorite shop! We drove down to Sumner and were seated. Halcyone woke up, looked around, chatted a bit, and drank a bottle. By the time she was done with her bottle, our food was arriving and she was falling asleep! We were able to enjoy our tea, scones, fruit, savories, sandwiches, and desserts while she napped in her car seat. Tom had Red Almond tea, and I had my favorite Summer Pudding blend.

On Monday I was going to make salmon at home, but just as I was getting ready to put the fish in the oven our power went out. We decided to spend the evening at my parents and get Taco Time on the way. It was a fun evening!

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  1. Awww! Good girl Haly, letting your mommy and daddy enjoy their date! Stacy, you have such a good baby!


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