Friday, December 31, 2010

Halcyone's First Christmas

Opening a gift from Grandma J.

Sleeping in her new fuzzy quilt from Grandma J.

We had a fun Christmas with Halcyone. I'm not sure she cared about much more than the Christmas lights on the tree... she loves to stare at them!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snowy Leavenworth

Last Saturday we finally made a Christmas Leavenworth trip! We'd been talking about how we wanted to do this ever since we got married, but somehow never managed to fit it into the busy season. This year our friend Scott had the sense of mind to put it together before everyone's schedules filled up. We drove over in our full Subaru, enjoying the views along Highway 2 and the snow on our way.

We arrived at lunchtime and decided to eat at Gustav's. We decided we'd just order what sounded good and get German food for dinner. Hmm, we had amazing fish and chips which meant we ended up too full to have that dinner. While we were eating it started snowing. We walked through the town, stopping in a few shops. The hat shop and the cheese shop both had lines. We skipped the hat shop, but the cheese shop was a must. How did Tom and I not know that it was there?! We got some garlic cheese and some amazing Gouda! We stood in a 30+ person line at Starbucks, visited the Australian shop and the Gingerbread House, and watched the tree-lighting ceremony.

Haly did great! She slept on me in her Moby wrap for most of the day, only crying when she got hungry or needed a diaper change.

On our way home we stopped at the Alps candy and chocolate shop. How does one choose from all those options? We ended up finding a few gifts and some mints for ourselves.

2 Months

Here are the 2 month pictures! We almost forgot to take them, which is why she is sound asleep!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

8 Weeks Already?!

It seems like the last 8 weeks have flown past! Halcyone is growing so quickly and discovering new things each day! Below are a few picture of the past couple weeks. Sorry we haven't updated the blog more!

What has Haly been up to you may wonder? Well...
  • Visited Snoqualmie Falls during the flooding with Dad, Mom, and Uncle Dave
  • Gained 3 lbs since birth
  • Started giggling in her sleep
  • Grabbed a Christmas light on our tree
  • Took a 7.5 hour nap?!
  • Discovered she likes to sleep in the Moby Wrap while Mommy sews or makes dinner
  • Read Mommy's favorite childhood book with Daddy