Thursday, November 18, 2010

1 Month

Yesterday was Halcyone's one month anniversary of her birth! Today we went in for her one month check-up. Below is a picture (in which she's not too happy to be awake) and some information we gleaned from her doctor.
  • She now weighs 6 lb 6 oz - 3rd percentile, but a good gain from her low of of 4 lb 5 oz a few days post-birth.
  • She measures 18.25 inches - 3rd percentile for height, also confirms they included her cone shape in her initial birth length of 18.5 inches.
  • She should be spending at least 15 minutes playing on her tummy each day so that her strength keeps up with her rapid weight gain.
  • Her white blood cell count is back down again to 1100 - The doctor says this is ok, but still low. So... she's still not supposed to be around people who are sick. We'll get a recheck next month.

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