Sunday, November 28, 2010


I know this is a day or so late, but here's a list of things I'm thankful for this year. First, a picture of Halcyone's first Thanksgiving!
  • Jesus who gives grace that saved me
  • Tom, the best husband
  • Halcyone, the sweetest little girl
  • Good health for all of us, even with Haly's low white cells
  • 2 great friends who I spend a lot of time with, Heather and Rebecca
  • Caffeine Free Coke, tastes good and helped calm a lot of morning sickness
  • Arty-crafty things
  • Music, Plumb and Owl City are my current favorites
  • Our bed! Hospital beds are so uncomfy... who designs those things?
  • Books to read while pumping in the middle of the night. Currently I'm enjoying the second to last Narnia book and Treasuring God in Our Traditions.
  • Snow, so pretty!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

1 Month

Yesterday was Halcyone's one month anniversary of her birth! Today we went in for her one month check-up. Below is a picture (in which she's not too happy to be awake) and some information we gleaned from her doctor.
  • She now weighs 6 lb 6 oz - 3rd percentile, but a good gain from her low of of 4 lb 5 oz a few days post-birth.
  • She measures 18.25 inches - 3rd percentile for height, also confirms they included her cone shape in her initial birth length of 18.5 inches.
  • She should be spending at least 15 minutes playing on her tummy each day so that her strength keeps up with her rapid weight gain.
  • Her white blood cell count is back down again to 1100 - The doctor says this is ok, but still low. So... she's still not supposed to be around people who are sick. We'll get a recheck next month.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Haly

Halcyone had a weekend of firsts!

On Saturday, she went to her first sit-down restaurant.  Spaghetti Factory!

Not terribly impressed.

This coincided with meeting great-uncle Rod and great-aunt Rita for the first time!

She also went to her first book store, and her first fire station.  At the fire station, they confirmed that she is now big enough to ride in her own car seat!

Testing the new seat into Redmond, we visited the Day's for games and TV.  Another first was 'playing her first game': She helped hold daddy's hand of cards.

Today, she got her first real bath.

Rounding off the weekend was a trip to church.  On the way home, another first: a screaming car ride.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My sister, Kelly, surprised us with a visit to meet little Halcyone this weekend! My brother emailed us last week asking if he could bring someone over he wanted us to meet for lunch and a game of Carcassonne on Saturday. We said sure, thinking he must have met a special girl. When the doorbell rang, Tom opened the door and there he was with Kelly! We had a great afternoon of nachos and table games, followed by a fun dinner at my parents' house that evening. Everyone got a little Haly snuggle!

On Monday Kelly and my mom came over and we decided to try a trip to Bellevue Square to walk, look at a few things, and get lunch together. I pulled out our stroller, figured out how to use it, and we were off. Haly seemed to like the stroller... it put her to sleep. Kelly and I enjoyed looking in a few shops. I was looking for a couple more preemie outfits for Haly. Penny's doesn't carry that size! We saw some super cute outfits at Janie and Jack, but decided to keep looking due to the price. On our way through Nordstrom to meet my mom for lunch I decided to look in their baby girl section. They had a section of preemie outfits for $9.95 that were slightly longer than the ones she's been wearing. Perfect! After lunch and looking through the Brass Plum and the preemie outfits again, Kelly needed to head to the airport. It was a great surprise visit. We can't wait to see her and Alex again in a few weeks!