Friday, October 1, 2010

What a Week 32 Has Been...

Last weekend marked the start of week 32 for baby Haly. It also became the start of a few multi-day hospital stays! On Thursday when I went in for my maternal-fetal-medicine appointment everything looked great except for my blood pressure, which was a little on the high side. The doctor I saw prescribed a medication to reduce both blood pressure and stop contractions that I may have. I started the medicine on Friday night and woke up Saturday with a horrendous headache and pain in my eyes that made it feel like they were going to explode. We called our doctor who said to go to the hospital and get checked out by labor and delivery since headache, eye pain, and my (still) high blood pressure are all signs of preeclampsia.

While I was in the triage area they hooked me up to a contraction and baby heartbeat monitor. Haly's heartbeat was happy, but at some point I started having contractions that I was not able to feel. They decided that since most of the blood pressure and anti-contraction medications are not great for a diabetic they would give me an IV drip of magnesium and start the 2-injection course of steroids to help develop Haly's lungs in case she came early. They also gave me morphine to help control my headache. That magnesium is some crazy stuff! They started me off on a big dose that helped get things under control, but also made me feel super warm and rubbery. I could hardly walk a couple steps without help for the next few hours and needed a fan blowing directly on my face from a foot away.

On Sunday morning I started having contractions again, although I was able to feel them a little this time. They decided to give me another bolus of magnesium and finish the lung steroids that afternoon. Because of the fuzziness the magnesium gave me, I can't remember exactly when, but at some point they became concerned about how dynamically Haly's heartbeat would change. They decided on Monday to keep me so they could continue monitoring her.

By Tuesday I was starting to feel a little more "normal" and they were happy with where my contractions were at, my blood pressure, and Haly's heartbeat. They let me go home! However, I started having regularly timed contractions that evening that were getting more intense and had to go back to the hospital. The contractions continued getting worse for about 7 hours. The doctor on call determined they weren't really doing anything and that it would be best if I could sleep. He gave me some sort of relaxing drug and morphine. I did sleep as the contractions started to ease up.

On Wednesday they did an ultrasound and decided they were right about the contractions not doing anything even though I was still having them. They put me on another form of the same medication for blood pressure and contractions that initially gave me the massive headache, but kept me to make sure I wouldn't react negatively.

On Thursday I got to go home again! That night was a success; far fewer contractions, lots more sleep, and better food! I'm back on bedrest to keep my "irritable uterus" happy. (Yes, that's really what they call it!)

Today I went in for a maternal-fetal-medicine check-up. Again, my blood pressure was a bit elevated, but everything else looked great! They asked me to increase my medication and keep checking blood pressures at home. Now we're hoping to get through the weekend without incident. One of my doctors said our goal should be to get Haly to at least 35 weeks. Below is one of the pictures from today's ultrasound. The tech says Haly has chubby cheeks and hair on her head! She's estimated to weigh about 4 pounds and 3 ounces. Thank you to everyone who has been helping us and praying for us!


  1. Hehe, she looks like you guys! :-D

  2. so sweet in that picture, praying for 35 weeks to come!

  3. 5 days later . . . ??? Katie loved the steroids for the lungs. Two of the worst shots she has ever had.

    Still praying.

  4. You guys! Wow, what a week. In prayer for you. Got your blog from Maria...will keep ourselves updated. Love to the Luces. :)


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