Saturday, October 16, 2010

The latest from Floor 2

It seems we are in residence at Evergreen until Halcyone arrives!

On Thursday, Stacy and Haly had a checkup.  Because Stacy's blood pressure has been climbing again, the doctors decided to keep them for monitoring.  As Stacy got settled, I retrieved the luggage packed for just such an occasion and we turned in for the night.

After a good rest, today was quite busy.  A number of care providers came and went: Maternal-Fetal doctor, Primary doctor, NICU charge nurse, Diabetes care specialist, Dietitian, and Social worker (I am probably forgetting a few...).  The most eventful thing that happened was the removal of Stacy's cerclage.  It's always exciting when a doctor says "This should be easy. Hopefully we wont need an epidural!" before you are even in labor.  Thankfully it was indeed easily removed with relatively no residual pain.  During the down time between visits from staff and family, Stacy was able to sleep a bit too!

Over the past day and a half, the doctors have gone back and forth about what course to take.  As of dinner time, we were told that the current plan was to induce bright and early in the morning, pending test results.  After the tests came in at 10PM, there was a new plan: Because Stacy and Haly are doing so well, considering, we will not be inducing tomorrow unless something exciting (read: Bad) happens.  We don't know if this mean that Sunday is a go for sure, or if we are just on a day-to day basis.  More on this as we learn of it...

Perhaps the best part of this visit has been the diabetes care. Between Stacy's diligent glucose management (much helped by assistants Dexcom and Ping), and a new draft hospital protocol, the doctor's orders allow her full management of her own care.  In the past we have had to deal with everything from being awoken every hour (or less) for a glucose check that was unnecessary due to the Dexcom, to arguing with nurses about how much insulin Stacy needs at any particular moment (not comfortable when the dose they are insisting on would cause harm).  This time she has been able carry out her own diabetes management: allowing the nurses to focus on Haly and blood pressures and Stacy to sleep/rest peacefully.  We may need to change plans quickly depending on the direction labor takes, but for now, the freedom the new policy allows has been FANTASTIC! (Can you tell I'm enthused about it?)

So, Stacy is asleep: resting up for what has been a, and undoubtedly will become more, busy weekend, and I should do so as well!



  1. WONDERFUL news about the diabetic monitoring/control! I will continue to pray for all of you - I'm sure hospital residence isn't the most ideal. Let me know if you want movies, etc to watch. We've got tons. :) Thank goodness for wifi at the hospital, yah? :) Can't wait for Haly to be here!!

  2. Woooo hooo! We got your text and are going to be on our knees (okay, I'll be on the couch) in prayer for you guys over the next several days. We will stay updated through your blog. Love you guys and are believing Jesus for wisdom and discernment for the doctors and a healthy baby and momma in the next few days! Hugs!!! Can't wait to meet Haly!!!


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