Thursday, October 28, 2010

11 Day Update

Today we took Halcyone to the pediatrician for her 1 week follow-up appointment. As Tom put it, this was more of an assurance check for the parents than a check-up for Haly! She has gained back most of the weight she lost after birth. She started at 4lb 10oz, dropped to 4lb 4oz, and is now at 4lb 9.5oz! Her doctor said this is good progress. We had to get another blood test done and got a little education on dealing with diaper rash. Other than that, nothing big happened.

The past few days have been so good, being back at home and having a little freedom. I can do so much more now that I'm not on bed rest! It was great to be able to vacuum, clean the bathroom, and make dinner this week. I've also ventured out to Target and the grocery store with Haly.

A few things Haly has done this week:
  • watched her first movie: Iron Man 2
  • rolled from back to tummy
  • got a mohawk, styled by Daddy
  • did not eat bacon, even though Daddy talked to her about it
  • went shopping at Babies R Us
  • went to church
Below are a few picture we've taken over the past few days. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. She is just so precious and I am so glad that she's doing great in the weight department!

  2. Uhm, WHAT?! She rolled over?! Your baby is a genius! :) She's going to keep you on your toes, isn't she??


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