Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Last Friday I had my almost 2 month post-cerclage appointment. The doctor did another anatomy scan of Haly. She is growing just like they want. The measurements they took showed that she weighed exactly 2 pounds! My cervix is also looking more normal and has stayed long and steady for the past 3 checks. The best part was getting to see Haly wiggling around. She has the cutest little button nose! I can't wait to see it for real!

The doctor also gave me some more liberties! I get to walk for 20 minutes a day, drive a few short trips, and can start extending my sitting-up time by half an hour every few days as long as things don't feel stressed. I go back for another re-check in 2 weeks.

This coming weekend will be 28 weeks. This will be a huge milestone for Haly's brain development, getting her even closer to being ready for birth!

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