Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sentenced to Bed

This has been a crazy week! After our fun anniversary trip and spending Monday with Tom we were ready to dive back into work, life, community group, and doctor appointments.

Tuesday morning I had my 20 week appointment with Dr. Chien (our primary OB). The nurse tried to find baby Halycone's heartbeat, but all we heard was a bunch of kicking and wiggling. After about 8 minutes she gave up and said the doctor would have to chase her around. Dr. Chien came in and found her with a healthy heartbeat of 143. I asked a few questions and Dr. Chien said everything looked good.

After lunch I had my once-every-two-weeks appointment with a nurse at Maternal Fetal Medicine (high risk pregnancy office) to go over my blood sugar patterns and insulin use. Again, I got a good report. She liked the couple changes I'd made last week. I had increased my 2AM - 5AM basal rate. Also, I had increased my lunch and dinner insulin to grams of carbohydrate consumed ratio to 1/5. The nurse made one more suggestion, checked my weight, and sent me back to the waiting room.

At 2PM Tom joined me for our 20 week anatomy ultrasound. The tech spent a while looking at Haly; measuring her humerus and femur, looking at the 4 chambers of her heart, looking at her brain, and watching her swallow. Everything looked good and she spent most of the time waving her hands and feet around. The ultrasound report said that she was perfectly on track for head and tummy size, right around the 46th percentile.

Next, the tech took a look at me too. After doing some measurements, she got really quiet, and left to talk to the doctor. After a long wait, the doctor came in and said she was extremely concerned. They don't know why, but my cervix was shorter than it should have been, even though four weeks ago it was fine. She said without surgery I would almost certainly miscarry, and that it would likely happen soon. The surgery itself carried a significant risk of miscarriage, and that even if it was successful, they would need to keep an eye on me and Haly for a couple of days afterward.

The doctor had us check into the hospital immediately for monitoring, and set up the surgery for early next morning. I got wheeled across the street and was admitted. Once in my room, a nurse hooked me up to an IV and a contraction monitor. Tuesday night was stressful and pretty sleepless.

Wednesday started early and fast. Wake up was at 5:00AM for surgery prep. 7:00AM Preop, 7:30AM goodbye to Tom and into the operating room, 8:30AM in recovery, and back in my room by 9:30AM. The rest of the day was a little fuzzy but included IVs, antibiotics, TOCO monitors (Tom kept calling it my seismograph), percoset, hospital food, and finally a beautiful sunset.

Thursday I didn't feel great for most of the day. It turns out they used a rapid muscle relaxer for the surgery that tends to make people feel like they had an intense workout. I'd say it feels more like being in a car wreck. My neck, shoulders and jaw were so sore! I couldn't lift my head without actually pulling it up with a hand, and it was painful to eat! At least that evening they took out my IV.

Friday was busy too. After more monitoring, they did another ultrasound. This reconfirmed that the surgery was successful. It was also another opportunity to see Haly. After meeting with the doctor about home care, they let me go in the afternoon.

Now I'm back at home: on bed rest. This means I can lay in bed or recline on the couch. I'm allowed to get up occasionally (showers, snacks, DVDs), go to doctor appointments, or occasionally go elsewhere in the car as long as the destination has a place to lie down. The effects of the muscle relaxant have finally worn off too!


Halcyone is still doing well. Every day the nurses found her heartbeat between a healthy 140-150. I've also been able to feel her a lot more the past few days. Tom can even feel her now too! The doctor said that even while I was knocked out for surgery she was still busy wiggling around.

We'll go back to the doctor next week for a recheck. In the meantime I'm drinking gallons of water so my body doesn't start having contractions and trying to figure out what exactly I can do in a reclining position. So far I've come up with reading, watching movies, and knitting. Sewing is the one thing that is most definitely out.

Thanks for your prayers, visits, flowers, and encouragement. Every step in this process has been punctuated by miracles and God's grace. Please keep praying that Haly stays healthy, that my body adjusts to the surgery well.


  1. So glad Haly is ok. And that you're ok too! Praying for hope and good spirits :)


  2. So glad the surgery went well and everything is fine. Praying for you as you are confined to bed. :)

  3. Hey I'm so glad they discovered that really soon and took care of it. Hally seems to be in good hands and good care of wonderful parents. I will keep praying for you. For sure.

    I had a co-worker who was on bed rest for about 6 months. We all came together and got LOTS of movies and shows for her to watch and entertain herself. It's not easy! But if you're prepared, it can fly by fast! Today, I bump into her frequently at the Bellevue library with her little girl. They are doing fabulously! I'm sure you will too! Keep looking to the Lord, from Whom is your help and encouragement. You're more than half way through!


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