Monday, June 21, 2010


This is what we (myself and my fuzzy babies) think of this summer weather...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Having Fun...

That's what we've been doing the past few weeks! Last Wednesday we got to attend my sister's (Kelly) UW English department graduation and share dinner with my family and some of her good friends. She graduated Cum Laude so she got to wear a cool tassel. Way to go Kelly!

Tom spent 2 weekends pulling everything (seats, upholstery, carpets) out of the Jeep since it had sprung several window leaks and become a mold factory. Yuck! After washing it all, scrubbing the interior, and letting everything dry, he and my dad took the back 3 windows out and resealed them. Now, no more leaks!

While he was working on Jeep stuff, I got to cut out a couple quilts. Both of them are now close to finished! One is a cute red/lime/yellow/black quilt for the back of the couch. The other is a Paddington Bear quilt for Baby Girl Luce!

We were able to get last minute tickets to see Imogen Heap at the Paramount Theater last night from some friends! The theater was so pretty and the music was excellent! I didn't care too much for her opening bands, but the rest of show was lots of fun! She involved the audience a lot, getting us to sing different parts of a few songs. At one point, she asked the audience for a key, a basic tune, and put together a new song!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's a Girl!

Yesterday we had our 16 week anatomy ultrasound. The tech was able to tell (for real this time!) that our baby is a girl! We had been told at 10 weeks that it looked like a boy, then at 13 that it looked like a girl, but that we would know at our 16 week appointment. The ultrasound again took about an hour. They measured her bones, looked at her heart, showed us the umbilical chord and blood flow, and counted fingers.

Below is a picture of her hand and profile.

This is a picture of her little hand open, which the tech got excited about. She said babies with open hands, as opposed to clenched fists, are very healthy and don't generally have birth defects.

After our appointment we went and picked out a couple cute girly outfits! We ended the evening with dinner at the Spaghetti Factory (our favorite!) and by starting our registry at Babies R Us.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Rainbow Cakes

Last Monday Tom and I hosted a surprise birthday party for Tom's dad. We invited everyone from Tom's side of the family over for a BBQ dinner and cake. We ended up with 31 people in our 860 square foot condo for the evening! I have 2 friends who have recently made rainbow cakes and posted pictures of them on facebook. They were so bright and pretty; I really wanted to try one. In the end I made 3 for this party! Below are pictures of the steps I used, roughly following these directions.

What you need:
White cake mix (I followed the directions for mixing on the back of the box: eggs, oil, water), gel food coloring, at least 2 cake pans (each box makes 2 layers), lots of bowls and spoons for mixing.

Step 1:
Mix the cake as directed (I think any cake recipe would work) and divide evenly into 6 small bowls.

Step 2:
Add the gel food coloring, stirring well. I used about a quarter to a half a teaspoon per color. I found that I needed the most red and orange coloring to make them look as strong as the other colors.

Step 3:
Using a small measuring cup for scooping, start layering the colors into greased cake pans. (I actually liked using my glass pyrex pie pans better because they didn't stick as much when it was time to get the cakes out.) I used about a 1/2 cup scoop plus a little extra for each color. Add the colors for a 2 layer cake in opposite orders. (red, orange, yellow, green, etc. and purple, blue, green, etc.)

Step 4:
Bake according to your box or recipe instructions. Let cool in the pan for a few minutes, then remove to a plate or cake stand to finish cooling.

Step 5:
Frost it and clean up! I used container frosting because I didn't have time to make any. I think the less fluffy the frosting, the better. I used one can of fluffy cream cheese frosting, and it was so light that it didn't really want to come off the knife and stick to the cake.

Step 6:
Eat it!