Monday, May 17, 2010

13 Week Update

Yesterday officially marked the start of week 13 for our baby! We had an hour-long ultrasound on Friday that showed a healthy and on-schedule baby. We also got to hear it's heart beat for the first time! The ultrasound tech said it looks like a girl to her, (at 10 weeks we had a doctor tell us he thought it was a boy) so now we're waiting 3 more weeks to find out for sure. The little black part you can see in the middle of the baby's abdomen below is its stomach. The tech said that because we can see it, that means the baby has started swallowing.
Today we had an appointment with our regular OB, who will be delivering the baby. She said so far she's happy with lab results and ultrasounds. She explained that because a type-1 diabetic's placenta tends to age faster she will induce me between 38 and 39 weeks which means an early November baby.

Tom and I spent the past weekend working to tidy and sort through everything that has recently landed in our second bedroom. In the process of moving furniture around, we discovered that the crib we were given 5 years ago has a recall on it. We were already a little scared of it because anything the finish on the wood touched (exercise ball, latex wall paint, fabric) would get sticky and smell funny. It turns out the recall is because they have had problems with the slats breaking, but if we don't have to deal with a crib that is still off-gassing, that's a good thing! We had to gather all of the hardware, it's model number stickers, and a few forms together and mail them into the manufacturing company who will in turn mail us a crib voucher for its value to use at Babies R Us. The wooden parts we broke and threw away. So now we're looking at crib options!


  1. We are so happy for you and pray for you often. About the crib I would not recommend a convertable option from crib to toddler to full because they don't make it clear that you have to buy the pieces to make it into a toddler and full but also I don't know of any kid yet that hasen't chewed on the crib and taken some of the paint or finish off and made it so the parents arn't going to keep it for a full sized bed. But a toddler bed conversion is fine I just don't recommend the full conversion.

  2. That's amazing. Look at how tiny--yet how developed--that little baby of yours is! Congratulations to both of you.


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