Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

It's been a while since I've posted, so I thought that once again I'd share some of what we've been up to!

December - We had an early Christmas celebration with my family since Alex and Kelly spent the break in Arizona with his family. Kelly had a bunch of us girls over early in the day to make a bunch of yummy cookies, followed by my family Christmas dinner and gift opening.

On Christmas Eve Tom and I went to a Sushi restaurant in Bothell for lunch, then did our own little Christmas at home. We went to the Christmas Eve service at church with both of our families and spent the rest of the evening with Tom's parents. We went to my family's house on Christmas morning, followed by a family gathering in West Seattle at Tom's Grandma's home.

January - I had some minor surgery the first week of January in preparation for our upcoming embryo transfer. We spent a few evenings with our good friends Patrick and Heather, learning how to play the card game Magic. We actually played in a pre-release tournament with them at the end of the month!

Our church's women's retreat was mid-month at Suncadia, just on the other side of Snoqualmie Pass. Tom was able to go with me. On our way over we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls because it had been raining so much. Tom helped haul a car full of Costco food in and out, got some good reading time in, and spent an evening with his brother, Dave in Ellensburg. It was a pretty weekend! The retreat was lots of fun with some good teaching on Godly contentment. I shared part of my testimony which was a little intimidating since I'd never spoken in a group larger than about 15 before!

Tom and I have been experimenting with soap making for a little while, but this month I made a batch that smells and looks like real soap!

I also spent a Friday night with Alex and Kelly, a friend, and my parents assembling and addressing wedding invitations! I'll post some pictures of that on my art blog soon!

February - So far, this month has been busy! I've made Valentine cards, crocheted a heart garland for our living room, started a few new sewing projects, started researching candle making, and have continued a knitting project. Tom has been busy working on our tax return, sorting his Star Wars Decipher cards, and reading. We've played a few more games of Magic, and are learning how to build better decks. We've made some fun new friends in our community group. Oh, and I got my hair cut... really short. I'll post more on some of these things later!

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  1. Alright, after this Magic resurge I have been hearing about recently... I really need to get my act together and search my parents' house for all my decks. I was pretty much obsessed with Magic in middle school...



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