Sunday, February 14, 2010

Opening Ceremony Celebration

Tom and I really enjoy the Olympics, and have talked about hosting an Opening Ceremony party for a while. After a lot of thought and talking with my friend Heather, we decided to make some fondue and ask people to bring things to dip. Heather came early to help me slice bread, fruit, and make the fondue recipes.

We ended up with 17 people! Some of our friends from Canada were able to join us and helped explain some of the legends in Canadian history that were being portrayed in the ceremony's performances. They also brought one of the cute stuffed mascots, Quatchi.

Tom and I both enjoyed the Celtic selections and the people flying around on cables. The vocal performances were a little less exciting, except for the Opera singer with big big hair. (Tom's pretty sure that both small and large animals live in there.) Now we're excited to watch some of our favorite competitions over the next few weeks!

Here are a couple of the fondue recipes we used:

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