Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seattle Motorcycle Expo

Yesterday we spent most of the day (7 hours!) at the Seattle Motorcycle Expo. We saw quite a few interesting motorcycles and trikes, sat on a few ourselves, and got to spend time with good friends (Thanks for the tickets, Scott!). Below are a few pictures we thought you might enjoy.
There were a ton of cool looking vintage motorcycles on display.
The first time I've ever been on a motorcycle by myself, a Ninja 250.
We watched a Ducati stunt team twice. The floor was super slippery, so they sprayed pancake syrup all over to make their tires stick a little better.
Here's Tom on a Ducati!

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  1. How fun! Jeremiah used to ride for a stunt team :) It's so interesting to watch the tricks they do. Unfortunately, we had to sell his last motorcycle. I miss the rides. I've made him keep all our gear just in case we get another one before we get fat and old!


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