Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kitty Helps

Yesterday I spent a few hours trying to cram in some house cleaning time. It would have gone much faster, but I had this cute orange kitty following me all over, helping. He even recruited his sister for me.

I started with the dishes in the kitchen. He sat on the floor next to me, staring at me the whole time. Next I moved into the bathroom to clean the mirror, counter, sink, toilet, and tub. While cleaning the mirror with paper towels and Windex, he sat on the toilet following the paper towel motions with his head. As I laid paper towels with bleach around the tub along the grout, he turned around and watched, sniffing and giving me a very inquisitive little face. Orange did not want to leave the bleach along in his bathtub. He ended up sitting and monitoring it for the 45 minutes that I left it soaking! He was more than a little offended when I moved him off the toilet so that I could clean it.

We then walked into the bedroom to pick up a few piles and make the bed. Orange is a bed-making pro. As I put up each layer of sheet or blanket, he pounces on it and kills it for me. However, he is generally not interested moving on to the next layer, which turns the process into a game of un-stick the Orangey claws. Once the bed was made I dumped the clean laundry onto it for folding. For some reason, the smell of fresh laundry makes both kitties very happy. This particular time Orangey ended up snuggling up on a wash cloth, completely unwilling to give it up!

Before vacuuming, I decided to dump out some holly sprigs, fir branches, and cedar branches on the floor to make a wreath for our front door. Both kitties signed up to help with this task before the sign-up sheet had gone around the room! Missy's role consisted of checking each branch for tastiness, which eventually got her banned. Orange helped in a more practical support role, sitting next to me smiling as I cut wire and twisted everything onto the wreath frame. Both kitties declined to help with the vacuum clean-up.

After the chores were done, I sat down on the couch to do a little Bible study. Somehow, Missy has open Bible radar. She appears out of nowhere and sits down in the middle of my Bible whenever it's open. When she realized this wasn't the best option, she climbed onto the back of the couch and proceeded to give me a head rubbing massage!

Oh how the kitties make me laugh!

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