Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seattle Motorcycle Expo

Yesterday we spent most of the day (7 hours!) at the Seattle Motorcycle Expo. We saw quite a few interesting motorcycles and trikes, sat on a few ourselves, and got to spend time with good friends (Thanks for the tickets, Scott!). Below are a few pictures we thought you might enjoy.
There were a ton of cool looking vintage motorcycles on display.
The first time I've ever been on a motorcycle by myself, a Ninja 250.
We watched a Ducati stunt team twice. The floor was super slippery, so they sprayed pancake syrup all over to make their tires stick a little better.
Here's Tom on a Ducati!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowflake Lane

On Thursday night we got to visit Snowflake Lane in Bellevue with Kelly and Alex. It's basically a street performance with people dressed up as drum majors, winter characters, and stilt walkers all singing and dancing to Christmas music that is piped into the area. Brightly colored LED lights flash on all the building sides and fake snow (bubbly stuff) is blown down to the sidewalk and streets. We had fun, but got so cold! After the show was over we retreated to Starbucks for hot drinks and a game of Killer Bunnies! I'm sorry the pictures are a bit fuzzy in spots, but this is the first chance I've really had to take pictures in the dark with this camera!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kitty Helps

Yesterday I spent a few hours trying to cram in some house cleaning time. It would have gone much faster, but I had this cute orange kitty following me all over, helping. He even recruited his sister for me.

I started with the dishes in the kitchen. He sat on the floor next to me, staring at me the whole time. Next I moved into the bathroom to clean the mirror, counter, sink, toilet, and tub. While cleaning the mirror with paper towels and Windex, he sat on the toilet following the paper towel motions with his head. As I laid paper towels with bleach around the tub along the grout, he turned around and watched, sniffing and giving me a very inquisitive little face. Orange did not want to leave the bleach along in his bathtub. He ended up sitting and monitoring it for the 45 minutes that I left it soaking! He was more than a little offended when I moved him off the toilet so that I could clean it.

We then walked into the bedroom to pick up a few piles and make the bed. Orange is a bed-making pro. As I put up each layer of sheet or blanket, he pounces on it and kills it for me. However, he is generally not interested moving on to the next layer, which turns the process into a game of un-stick the Orangey claws. Once the bed was made I dumped the clean laundry onto it for folding. For some reason, the smell of fresh laundry makes both kitties very happy. This particular time Orangey ended up snuggling up on a wash cloth, completely unwilling to give it up!

Before vacuuming, I decided to dump out some holly sprigs, fir branches, and cedar branches on the floor to make a wreath for our front door. Both kitties signed up to help with this task before the sign-up sheet had gone around the room! Missy's role consisted of checking each branch for tastiness, which eventually got her banned. Orange helped in a more practical support role, sitting next to me smiling as I cut wire and twisted everything onto the wreath frame. Both kitties declined to help with the vacuum clean-up.

After the chores were done, I sat down on the couch to do a little Bible study. Somehow, Missy has open Bible radar. She appears out of nowhere and sits down in the middle of my Bible whenever it's open. When she realized this wasn't the best option, she climbed onto the back of the couch and proceeded to give me a head rubbing massage!

Oh how the kitties make me laugh!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Card Pictures

A few weeks before Thanksgiving Tom and I took a few pictures, hoping to end up with one that would work to send in our Christmas cards. Below are a few of my favorites!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Luce Family

We thought it would be simpler to write and share our Christmas letter on our blog this year. If you're reading this, we're glad you've found it, and invite you to read past posts of our adventures over the year, and hope you check back for future life updates!

This is a summary of what we've been up to. If you're looking for more detail, click on the blue hyper links provided.

Again, we've had a busy yet exciting year together!

Tom has continued to work on and ride his motorcycle, and I've enjoyed a few sunny day rides with him as well. Tom is also working teaching himself how to program in an attempt to create some simple programs for the Android operating system. Tom's spare time has also been spent reading books, including titles from the work of R.A. Heinlein, A.C. Clark, C.S. Lewis, and O.S. Card.

I've worked on several fun arty projects, including turning a pink wall blue, completely changing our dining room table and chairs, along with many sewing, crochet, knitting, and stamping adventures. You can see most of these over at That Luce Girl's Art. Cherry and apple canning were new activities for me this year, as is soap making for both Tom and I (We have yet to be successful in this endeavor!).

In the late winter and early spring we played frisbee golf at a field in Redmond a few times. This was exciting because the field had several feet of standing water in it at times! In March we were able to attend a pastor/church leadership conference for a few days. We gleaned lots of information to implement in our life with those around us, and in both of our relationships with Jesus.

In April we formally began the process of embryo adoption through Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. We currently have custody and are parents of 6 frozen embryos in Seattle! We're looking forward to the implantation of 2 of them in 2010. Instead of explaining embryo adoption here, let me refer you to a couple of our earlier blog entries with many details: Part 1 & Part 2.

We've also had several fun trips this year! In June we spent 8 days in Maine, Nova Scotia, and on Prince Edward Island. We explored Halifax, Peggy's Cove, and the area the Anne of Green Gables stories were written in and modeled after. It was so much fun to see the beautiful red sand, climb up into a lighthouse beacon tower, and stay in cute historic buildings! We spent our 4th anniversary on Whidbey Island, ending the trip with a crab-catching excursion with my family. Tom has been sent to Virginia 3 times this year on work trips, 2 of which I've been able to travel with him. While he worked I was able to explore a little, and together we saw a Frank Lloyd Wright home and several historic places in the area.

In October we made a weather-daring Jeep trip to Gallagher Head Lake (near Salmon le Sac) with Tom's brother, Dave, and his girlfriend, Becky. It was beautiful, but so very cold! (Check out the link for some of my favorite pictures from the whole year!)

We have continued to try to serve at our church as opportunities arise. We still love hosting and leading a small community group in our home each week. Hearing about other's lives, praying for one another and the church, serving the community around us, and sharing what we've been learning as we try to honor and reflect Jesus is such a blessing!

We're looking forward to Kelly's, my sister, marriage to Alex in the spring, celebrating our 5th anniversary, and spending even more time with friends in 2010! We hope each of you has had a good year, and would love to hear about it sometime soon!

Tom & Stacy Luce