Monday, November 9, 2009

D-Blog Day

November is Diabetes awareness month, in which, today is D-Blog Day. For this event I've decided to share what a typical day of testing blood sugars and keeping them in line looks like. I hope you find it somewhat interesting.

First, I'll share with you what blood sugar numbers mean! Good blood sugar in a type-1 diabetic should range from 70-140. If they're lower than 70 then I need to drink something sugary, normally grape flavored capri sun for me because the packet is the perfect amount of sugar! If it's higher than 140 I need to take a little more insulin.

7-8:30am: Wake up and check blood sugar. Take insulin and wait half an hour to eat breakfast. If it's shorter than half an hour, my blood sugar goes high then dips low later in the morning. If I wait longer than half an hour, my blood sugar goes low, then high later in the morning. Low blood sugars typically result in a migraine for me and do kill brain cells, so I try to avoid the lows at all costs! I can generally tell if my blood sugar is dropping too low because I start to feel panicked and sleepy. If you're ever around me and my mood changes dramatically, tell me to check my blood because it's probably low!

10:30am: Check blood post meal. If my blood sugar is high or low at this point, I'll either treat the low with some juice or take insulin for a high blood sugar. If either of these situations occur, then I will probably check my blood every 30 minutes for the next couple hours.

12-1pm: Check blood before lunch and take insulin, then wait 30 minutes to eat.

2-4pm: I generally check my blood sugar 2-3 times in this time frame to adjust for lows, highs, or just to make sure I'm keeping in range.

5-7pm: Dinner time! Another blood check, insulin, and wait 30 minutes to eat.

8-9pm: Check blood 1-2 hours post meal, adjust with insulin if necessary.

10pm-12am: Check blood before going to bed. This is the time of day I need to make sure my blood doesn't go low once I'm asleep. I do typically wake up if I'm low, but it's still not a fun feeling.

  • Exercise: If I happen to go to the gym, do a lot of cleaning, or walk around much while running errands, my blood sugar will drop lower. If I know I'm going to be active, my pump has a nifty function that lets me cut my insulin by a percentage for an amount of time that I choose. If I don't realize that I'm exerting as much energy, then I typically will have to recharge a couple times during the activity with juice.
  • High Fat Foods: These take longer to digest, which means I'm more likely to have a low blood sugar within an hour of eating and then to have higher blood sugars for the next 3-4 hours afterwards as the food kicks in. Again, my pump has an option just for these tricky meals that lets me spread my meal insulin gradually over an amount of time that I choose.
  • Coffee: This is one I haven't totally figured out yet! If I drink coffee in the morning, my blood sugar rises about 3 hours later, needing more insulin. However, if I drink it in the afternoon, I only need insulin for the creamer I put in it! I'm guessing that my body may be more sensitive to the caffeine in the morning.


  1. Do you check blood levels with a finger prick?

    How do you take your insulin? I used to give it to Bluebery twice a day, but I'm guessing you don't stick the needle in the scruff of your neck. (;

    I had no idea you had to check your levels and take insulin so often! You integrate it so well that I never notice you doing all this hard behind-the-scenes work at family things.

  2. I think I've gotten pretty used to it, so it doesn't even seem like an inconvenience to me now. I use an insulin pump, which takes away the needles for insulin, making it a lot less apparent to people that I'm doing something "odd!" I do still prick my finger for blood checks, generally 8-10 times a day. :)

  3. Hi Stacy,
    I have learned alot from your post. I wish you did not have to go through this every day. I hope that there will be a cure.

    I am so thankful that you take such good care of yourself! Bravo! :-) sue


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