Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Trip (Part 1 of 2)

Last week Tom had another business trip to Virginia, on which I got to accompany him. We left home at 2:30AM on Wednesday and arrived back last night around 11PM.

When we landed in Washington DC it was sunny and much warmer than I'd expected. We found out rental car, a 2010 Chevy Cobalt (extremely uncomfortable seats), and drove towards the capitol building. We managed to find parking, although we're still unsure if it was really a lot open to us or not. They weren't very sign-proficient. We walked around the capitol building and enjoyed the beautiful fall colored trees surrounding it.

From there we drove around some of the business area of the city, past the Jefferson Memorial, around the White House, and around the Washington Monument. Traffic was packed into the streets, so this took us about an hour to accomplish.

We then sat in traffic for another couple hours trying to get to our hotel in Stafford, Virginia. Neither of us slept well that night because the parts Tom needed to use for his business trip hadn't made it to the hotel yet. He ended up staying up most of the night, on the phone with UPS, eventually driving to Fredericksburg to pick them up himself.

On Thursday I dropped Tom off for work, then drove towards Fredericksburg to see George Washington's Ferry Farm, the land of the home where he grew up. I was a bit disappointed because the website made it sound like the ruins of the home had been dug up and were still laying there for people to see. It turns out that they have covered the space back up and have planted grass where the ruins were. They had about 10 items on display in the entrance building, but that was it!

I drove back and picked Tom up from work so we could explore a little of the area together. We drove through the Fredericksburg Battlefield and into old Fredericksburg. We saw quite a few historic churches, many beautiful brick homes, and some older broken down buildings along the river. Sadly, we had forgotten our tripod in the hotel room.

From there we used our GPS to find Cracker Barrel where we ate dinner. Neither of us were able to finish our food! I had chicken and dumplings for the first time, and know they're not my thing. We filled our car up with gas and headed back for a better night of sleep!

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