Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sever Beach

Yesterday Tom and I and my brother were looking for something fun to do outside. We decided to pick up Tom's parents' canoe and take the ferry to Vashon Island from West Seattle. Tom's Grandma owns some property there that I'd never been to, and Tom had not been there since he was about 16! While we were on the ferry we saw the Blue Angels flecking across the sky over Lake Washington. Leaving the ferry, we found a Subway for lunch and headed towards the property. We found it and parked on the side of the road to walk down to the beach and cabin. The driveway was overgrown with blackberries, ivy, fox tails, and a few nettles, but fortunately canoe paddles get rid of these pretty easily! Tom and I threw a bunch of rotting logs and trees off to the side and we were eventually able to drive down to the end of the driveway.

Once there, we had to get the canoe down a steep path to the water. Tom and my brother ended up sliding it down the trail in a controlled fashion. We put our brand new crab pot down with some chicken bait. I was amazed that the water was so clear! We dropped the pot down about 20-30 feet and could see it resting on the sand! I also observed a rather large jelly fish swimming around below us. We left the pot down for about 2 hours. When we pulled it up we had 2 red rock crabs, 1 of them was a keeper! The tide had gone out a little by the time we were getting ready to leave, so I was able to take some pictures on the beach and of the the front of the cabin from the beach. We found a large tonka truck had washed up!

While we were waiting for the crabs to discover our crab pot, we enjoyed the sun next to the cabin. I was able to finish my Miss Read book, and Tom read a couple Tintin books. We enjoyed the day, the sound of the water, no traffic noise, and lovely weather! We're both excited to go back soon and help work on the property.

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