Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Oops Dinner

When I was at Ikea this past spring I bought one of their $10 Wok pans. This week while waiting for my used books to be looked through at Third Place Books I found a cookbook, Easy Chinese Stir Fries, that looked like it had recipes I could manage.

Last night I decided to try the Kung Pao Chicken with a few modifications. I left the peanuts out and added some orange bell pepper and mushrooms. The recipe called for some small chili peppers, but said I could substitute red pepper flakes for them. I chose to do this because I didn't want to run over to the grocery store when I had the flakes.

I put the chicken in a little of the prescribed marinade, cut the veggies up, stuck some oil in my Wok and added 2 tablespoons of pepper flakes. That sounded like a lot of pepper flakes, and I could hardly breath in the kitchen because of the pepper fumes so I double checked, and yup it still said tablespoons. The chicken and veggies cooked nicely in the Wok and we attempted microwave rice because I forgot to start it earlier on the stove.

Everything looked and smelled right. We sat down to eat and Tom stuck one of the mushrooms with rice in his mouth and I had to put out a small fire. The chicken and veggies were sooooo spicy that I wasn't able to eat it. Tom managed to eat a little more of his, but wow! He went to look at the recipe and sure enough.... it said teaspoons! Well, next time I'll triple check on the measurement of peppers. The flavor was just what I was hoping for aside from the spice, and the Wok was super easy to cook with!

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