Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My New Book Nook

I love gardening, but have struggled over the last 3 years to find plants that will survive on our back deck. The deck only gets 2-3 hours of sun on a good day. The first year we lived here I planted about 5 different kinds of herbs, which didn't survive. Our Orangey kitty decided he liked to help himself to snacks of chives, and the rest turned yellow and became spindly. We had a rose bush that we brought with us from our previous home that likes to grow tall, but doesn't like to bloom. I also tried a primrose and a gerbera daisy that lasted for 2 summers.

This summer I've still got the crazy non-blooming rose, but we've added a few things that seem to be happier! A lavender plant and some transplanted mint both smell wonderful when brushed. Tom's mom gave me a rosemary bush and an azalea which are also doing really well! (As long as you don't count the kitties who think a chomp of azalea is a good snack!) I have 2 kinds of succulents, and recently added a honeysuckle plant. I spent a couple days looking for inexpensive, non-plastic, brightly colored pots and scored at Ravenna Gardens and Ross. I also found a deck table in an icky green metal color at Ross that I spray painted an exciting grape color.

Now I can sit out on the deck and read! This consternates the kitties a little because they thought they owned the deck, but this morning Orange was willing to share the space with me once we saw a woodpecker on one of the backyard trees!

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