Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Low Blood Sugar's Antics

I headed out this afternoon for a few quick errands. My last stop was in Kirkland to look at the flower pots at Ravenna Gardens and to pick up caramel sauce for the iced caramel macchiatos we've been churning through in the last few weeks.

Paying for a bright yellow flower pot in Ravenna Gardens and walking out to stick it in my car, I realized I had the panicky-low-blood sugar sensation. Sure enough, I was low. Normally I would just pull a grape Capri Sun out of my purse, suck it down in 3 or 4 swallows and be on my way again. This time I decided I'd walk into the Starbucks a couple shops down from my car and just get a sweet drink there while I picked up my caramel sauce. I got my drink right away and started drinking it down. That's when I realized that if I drank it all at once I wouldn't have any to enjoy slowly through the straw, which I always chew on subconsciously to make it last longer.

I reluctantly pulled a trusty Capri Sun from my purse and drank it quickly as I walked back to my car. I still felt the funny "low" feeling. I opened my door and sat down in the driver's seat. I reached to set my Starbucks drink down in the pull-out drink holder, and found myself opening the sunglasses compartment! This silly mix up reminded me to sit there for a few more minutes and recheck my blood sugar before "clearing" myself to drive home.

This is one of the funnier mix-ups I've had recently with a low blood sugar. So... if you ever see me doing irrational things, tell me to check my blood sugar!

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