Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Independence Day

We celebrated the day with my family. Tom and I, Kyle, and Kelly and Alex all met in Lynnwood for a matinee showing up Up 3D and were not disappointed! We liked that the movie was designed for kids and adults, and showed the value of a father-figure and community.

We grabbed Taco Bell and had a late lunch at my parents' house before beginning to sort and shell crab from the previous 2 days. Tom and Kyle began creating rockets with peach cans, pop cans, and fire crackers. We ended up making a fireworks run in the afternoon to get some Roman candles, pop-its, bees, and a few other things.

After a yummy dinner of crab we waited for it to get dark and lit off the other fountains and things we had, while enjoying the fireworks everyone else in a several mile radius was setting off!

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